Arizona’s Immigration Law to be upheld in the Supreme Court

Finally, justice is being done by the highest court in America. The conservative justices outnumber the liberal ones, and will likely uphold the Arizona Immigration Law. So long illegals. It is time for Sheriff Joe Arpaio to bask in the glory - time to hunt down the illegals and send them back to Mexico or whatever country in South America they came from. And it’s time for Obama and the Democrats to finally recognize that their time is over. No matter how much they try to push their liberal agenda, the conservative justices will turn it down. And they don’t have a two thirds majority to override that! Here are some changes that we Americans can see

1. No more illegals clogging our Healthcare

2. Drop in crime rate and poverty rate

3. Police departments hiring bounty hunters to clean the land of illegals

4. More employment opportunity to Americans

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